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The world has sunken into the grasp of two governmental powers and a rising sea. An agent boards a particular VIP cruise ship with his own agenda. Will he find what he is searching for or will those who oppose him get him first?

Instructions and hints
We highly recommend to turn on the sound, because otherwise you might miss parts of the story / objectives.

WASD = Movement/Menu Navigation
E = Interact/Talk/Plant Bug
Tab = Turn on listening by cycling through the planted bugs
Spacebar = Dash
Shift = Sneak

The game also features controller support, check out the controls mentioned in the tutorial.


Use your wits and guile to bug characters, listen to their conversations and find what you are looking for. Be careful, you are not supposed to be on this cruise, you are not an elite, you may be being looked for. 


sakulstra:          Programming
coralduck:         UI
Kai:                      Programming, UI
mingapur:          PixelArt
SamWain:          Composition, Sound Design, Writing, PixelArt
substain:            Programming, Level Design, PixelArt, Writing

Version history:
- v0.6.1: various bugfixes (audio not playing, npcs being weird)
- v0.7: is almost finished and will be introduced when the voting period for the GameOff Jam is over. Along with bugfixes, this adds a difficulty setting (easy, normal) as well as checkpoints.

Known Issues:

  • After finding the Weapon, you will get thrown to the main menu
    • This is actually no bug. We did not get to finish the game, so this is just the end of the story (yet).
  • Sprite display issues (z-order)
    • might be addressed in a future update.
  • No web version.
    • might be added along with v0.7
  • Bugs that will be fixed in v0.7:
    • content skippable
    • options menu not working
    • bug display uses a confusing order
    • bugged dialogue display
    • dialogues starting in wrong places
    • sneaking only starts once the movement changes
    • footsteps sound issue on controller


CruiseNoir_0_6_1_Win.zip 51 MB
CruiseNoir_0_6_1_Mac.zip 60 MB
CruiseNoir_0_6_1_Linux.zip 51 MB

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